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Zac Goldsmith wins an endorsement from his ex-brother-in-law

Posted by on Apr 16, 2016

Zac Goldsmith s mayoral project hit a bum note this month when his attempts to connect to the Indian community backfired. The Conservative MP discovered himself charged of racially profiling voters who have Indian sounding names with patronising leaflets.

Happily he appears to have a different strategy in location when it pertains to winning over the Pakistani vote. Advance Imran Khan. The Pakistani politician, and former cricketer, has supported Goldsmith s mayoral quote. Khan says Goldsmith has the leadership abilities to make a fantastic mayor:.

Exactly what precisely is it about Zac s campaign that has drawn in the interest of a popular Pakistani politician? Mr S thinks the answer might lie with Goldsmith s sister. Imran Khan is Jemima s ex-husband and Zac s previous brother-in-law.


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